Black and White

WORDS: Dominic Townsend

Black and white

We live in such a vibrant multicultural fucked up world, full of friends, family, divvys, cunts. We are completely bombarded by news, media, social networks, and a million other things that throw spanners into our life's.  

90% of the world is out to get you, wether it's rob the spoils from your hard work or to drain you mentally and emotionally. Things happen that can completely destroyed your thoughts of normality and happiness out of the blue. Wether it's scaremongering on the front pages of newspaper or something personal blowing up in your face with out you realising it's happening because you were too wrapped up in shit you've been bombarded with subliminally. 

We are taught from an early age that we must keep up with the Jones' and that we must try and be cool and fit in. Every day can be a constant struggle to be the person everyone wants you to be. And personally I found that trying to keep up the pretence for so long and so hard can start to kill you. Before you know it you've spent so much time on other people and ideologies that you standing on top of a bridge looking down seeing all the negatives. All the things you have done to try and be what society wants you to be what relationships want you to be. It's dark as fuck. 

Colourful isn't always fantastic. Colourful is putting on that smile to the right people. It's stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you really don't want to do. It's a broad spectrum of utter bullsshit that happens in daily life. Mental health is colourful. Red is love, blue is depression, Yellow is happiness. You mix these colours and emotions up, up in ways you don't always want and if you don't stop and take that time to just stop, it always turns to some shitty brown. 

My own outlook has become this jaded brown because I've let things overwhelm my colours/emotions, I haven't appreciated the simple things that are black and white. The robotic easy tasks. I've learnt it's possible to switch off and take time to non reflect and just survive with out the constant fear of anxiety. Don't become too obsessed with the overload of colour. Take time to be good to yourself and the rest will follow, you are all works of art, admire yourself once in a while.

Stay beautiful.