An open letter to David Cameron and friends.

WORDS: Eliza Lawson

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s been a while since I have written anything down, in this way but over the last few days I have felt myself filling up and up, and today I am at the point of it bubbling over. So, I’m back on my crappy DFS sofa, which at this moment feels more worn than it has ever been. The springs have gone and it sags in the middle, it is tired. I am tired. I'm sat here in tears. Big real hot tears. I’m not upset, I'm angry. In fact no, I'm fucking furious. What is currently hitting me in the gut is that I quite simply DO NOT want to live in a country that is responsible for bombing innocent people. People that are classed as ‘collateral damage’ that have done nothing other than live their lives...Death by geography. When did the value of another human life become so dispensable? I don't want to have my nationality tarnished AGAIN with the brush of being a ‘Western bully’. I don’t want us to be collectivised alongside the USA, France and Russia. This is not who we are as a nation of people! I am damn sure that if you were to walk down most high streets in the UK and ask the real people who live here,

“Hey! Fancy being forced under the big responsibility umbrella of ‘murderous nation’?”

 I am fairly certain they would say “No”.

When do WE get a choice in this? Nobody asks us what we think. I mean after all, the second that drone launches or that jet hits the sky and the bombs start falling, we open ourselves up to being an even bigger target and essentially playing into the hands of the very terrorists we are supposed to fighting…

Why can't we fight this hard for peace? Why can't our governments fight this hard to protect people in the truest sense of the word? I genuinely can't believe that ham faced bellend Cameron is making decisions that are supposed to represent the people who live here and getting it so categorically wrong…

Are these the actions of a ‘leader’ that truly represents our safety, our national security, and our future generations? When someone hits your friend in the face do you hack their legs off or do you ask them why they hit your friend and attempt mediation? Are these the actions of a man who opens his mouth and speaks on our behalf to the rest of the world and communicates our social culture, our ethics, and our heart? They do not represent me or my social culture, my ethics or my heart. They do not represent the vast majority of the people I know...and now he has the brass neck to call anyone who doesn't agree with his master plan of simply dropping tons of explosives on the heads of the people who live in a city where they are trying desperately to regain some self-respect, some control, some order, trying to find peace…TERRORIST SYMPATHISERS?!

Yeah. Good one Cameron. That's exactly what we are. Now ask yourself where IS got their weapons? Which particular faction of IS are you aiming your bombs at? Who are you fighting this “war” for? Who stands to profit from this? Really…go on…ask yourself? It takes a simple Google search to find out this information. Luckily for you though Cameron a selection of noisy Daily Mail reading, war mongering Neanderthals are baying for blood so loudly that nobody can hear themselves long enough to find out this information for themselves, and you are simply feeding the “media” more and more bullshit.

I want a vote. An online, one vote per person, simple question and a direct 'yes' or 'no' answer.

“Should we bomb Syria?”

Surely that would make more sense, to ask the people you represent?

"But we need to concentrate our firepower on the headquarters of IS in Syria"

Yeah, that’s right…because all the people who are a real threat will be sat in their ‘bad guy’s lair’ laughing maniacally in a fucking ScoobyDoo terrorist outfit thinking…

"They'll never catch me here!"

As we 'sneak' over and bomb them cleanly with no additional casualties at all.

Fucking great.

“But there’s no other choice, what else are we supposed to do?” I hear you shout…

I tell you what, if it turned out that the Head Quarters of IS had suddenly relocated to your local town and Russia, France and the USA had turned their weapons towards Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, London, Newcastle…well then we would find a way to fight for peace wouldn’t we?

There has been too much blood shed already, way too much. Too much innocence dashed in the name of ‘revenge’ and oil. This has to stop somewhere. This cannot go on. I don’t want it to go on.  I can’t keep making excuses for the action in the name of ‘democracy’.

I wrote a few months back that if this country needed to be dragged to its very knees before we started to climb out of the hole we are digging for ourselves then so be it…never did I think the hole would go so deep and never did I think we would be using piles of the dead as a way of clambering out.

To everyone staring at their televisions, holding their breath, feeling it…really feeling it…I feel YOU.

Find the others.

And to you Mr Cameron? I hope you drown in your shame and embarrassment when people finally realise who and what you are…you monstrous piece of shit.

One word.