register to vote

Now would be a good time to Register to Vote.


Now would be a good time to register to Vote.

Our democracy and Parliamentary system is in a Brexit shaped crisis. Before going on any further you can register to vote here. Please do, and encourage your friends and family to register to vote.

In a study carried out by Peter Kellner the former President of pollsters YouGov in 2018 it was found that half a million fewer people each year, or around 1,350 a day, now support Brexit – meaning that on 19th January 2019 2019 there were more people likely to vote Remain than to Leave the EU.

This is based on if nobody had changed their minds. Other polls show that this is not the case now that people are more informed. So with that, and the fact that young people who are now able to vote overwhelmingly favour Remaining in the European Union.

Kellner’s study found that an additional 235,000 Remain voters join the electorate each year, as 395,000 reach voting age and 160,000 die.

Theresa May repeats the phrase ‘Will of the British people’ multiple times a day. As we can see it is difficult for any rational person to maintain that Brexit is still the will of the British people.

It is highly likely that a General Election and/or a second referendum will be called very soon to break the deadlock in Parliament. If you think it will be helpful, please do share this article. Please do start a conversation, the future of our country and the ability of our young people specifically to have freedom of movement to live and work in different countries depends on it.