Our elected officials have let us down badly- ALL OF THEM.


WORDS: Gary Kelly

Our elected representatives have let us down. All of them.

However, they may just have succeeded in uniting us all, based on the fact they have demonstrated they can’t make a decision between them. Time after time after time after time. I should clarify, they have made decisions, decisions which are based solely in their own self interest. just not in ours. The people. Look at the Tories for example. You know when people announce with a flounce that they “have had enough of this Facebook page, I’ve never been so outraged. I’m leaving”? And then they pop up on a thread a couple of weeks later thinking everyone has forgotten how much of a bellend they are?

If that person were an MP, that person would be Boris Johnson.

Boris flounced off a few months ago saying he wouldn’t back May’s deal. Now because it gives him a sniff of being PM, he will back May’s deal as she said she would go if the deal goes through. Or didn’t quite say that or something depending on which source you believe. 

Is it just me or is the fact that Tories indicating they would back Theresa May’s Deal if she agrees to go not absolutely totally and utterly an inditement of how much of a bag of rats they are. They will put their own jostling for power and the top job over the long term future of our children, and our children’s children. How anyone can vote for them after this is beyond me. But people will.

All of them are duplicitous arseholes, but it doesn’t stop there. 

The Labour Party are at war as well like total and utter imbeciles because so called ‘centrists’ want to protect the ‘soul of the party’ from a ‘hard left insurgency’ so they are prepared to tear the country to shreds while they ruin the first tangible chance we have had to end austerity in my lifetime. This may surprise some of you as I’m 42 and austerity has “Only been going on for 11 years”. Austerity has always been part of your life if you grew up on a council estate in the North East of England. I’m sure many of you from other parts of the country can relate, including parts of London and the South.

These fuckwits could end it at the stroke of a pen if they could just pull together, realise that the party membership is the real ‘soul of the party’ and work together to get elected. But no, we have our own brand of duplicitous arseholes like Tom Watson and Jess Phillips positioning themselves for a run at the being leader to polish they own egos. I legitimately think they have convinced themselves that they are doing the right thing for ‘the people’. Nobody believes you. Not even your supporters, they just hate Corbyn.

As for Corbyn, in a lot of ways, yes, he has been a disappointment. Yes, he should be doing more instead of playing his own version of Brexit chess which I am speculating comes from the same place, or similar, as No Deal Brexit voting Dennis Skinner, Blyth Valley’s own Ronnie Campbell and of course the odious Kate Hoey. Corbyn has always been a Eurosceptic, look at his record. I feel like he thinks that he can manoeuvre Labour into government whilst negotiating Labour’s version of Brexit.

As it stands he has 2 hopes, and one of them is the Bob Hope Greatest Hits vinyl he puts on his gramophone down the allotment whilst wearing that horrific Wilson shellsuit.

Would I still support, campaign for and vote for The Labour Party in the event of a General Election? Yes, of course I would, like a shot. They represent the best chance of ending austerity we have. The Labour Manifesto is brilliant, truly transformative for communities like the one I am part of. So until something better comes along I won’t be dropping Labour like a sack of hot shit.

At this point I feel like a coalition of Labour/The SNP/The Green Party would be the best outcome for all with an agreement that Proportional Representation is brought in. This is the true test for Corbyn and speaks to whether he is a true democrat. Will he get rid of First Past the Post? It’s clearly anti democratic, especially with the boundary changes the Tories brought in. Doing so would seem in keeping with a commitment to true democracy.

Every single fucking motion lost in the indicative voting last night. So our elected representatives have demonstrated that they are not for anything and can’t make a decision. Any decision at all. The fat end of 3 bastard years they have had to get something sorted.

What we need are real people in these positions. Do you know that a year ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a waitress in a taco restaurant in the Bronx. Now she is a member of congress, and only last month could afford healthcare for the first time.

There is some hope, a real person in Jamie Driscoll here in the North East of England was selected over Labour ‘big beast’ Nick Forbes, for the nomination for North of Tyne Mayor. The winner of that race against the Tories stands to be the North Tyne’s Andy Burnham. It’s just that Jamie is a true anti-austerity candidate, and one of us. You should check out his campaign, wherever you are from. Get behind the lad. We need real people representing us

Sack the fucking lot of them, all of them, and start again. Today.

But you know what? Because of their bullshit, be you leave or remain, Labour or Tory or anywhere on the political spectrum. They may just have succeeded in uniting us all. And in that good people, there is hope.

There is always hope. 

Here is the venerable Jarvis Cocker with an important message for our nations children….