BREAKING: The DUP refuses to lift its opposition to May’s deal. Delays Meaningful Vote 3.


WORDS: Gary Kelly

In a meeting with the Democratic Unionist Party’s leader Arlene Foster, Theresa May has been unable to secure an agreement from the DUP to lift their opposition her deal. Delays a third vote rumours to be happening in the Commons tomorrow.

Rational minds will of course fall back on the old adage of ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. However, the one constant I’m sure we can all agree on, be we leave, remain or on the fence is there is nothing sane about Brexit and the way our elected representatives have went about their business.

So what does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine or anyone else for that matter! 

This could mean that arch dinosaur deniers The DUP, a party with a paltry 290,000 votes which is roughly the size of the electorate of Newcastle and North Tyneside returns 10 Members of Parliament. This has given them the role of decision makers disproportionate to their size and certainly their ability. It is hard to see at this point how the DUP can back peddle from their objections to the backstop. It appears that Theresa May’s ego in calling a snap General Election which she thought she would romp has come back to bite her on the arse.

Could this be the end of Theresa May?

In normal circumstances you would think so. The Tories are notoriously cut throat in these situations. What may be saving her is the reticence of anyone wanting to pick up the poisoned chalice ahead of a potential No Deal Brexit. A combination of that and May’s almost cyborg like inability to take on board the reality of the dire situation she has created for herself.

We know this for certain however, you could buy all 10 of the DUP’s MP’s a day pass for the Natural History Museum and they would still say that fossils are a test from god or something.