Love or Fear: Which side are you on?


Words: Mike Cow

Tomorrow, I’m going to vote for what I believe in, The Green Party is the closest manifesto to mirror my view of the world and a belief in equality and fairness for ALL.

It's up to us all to vote for what we believe in, fair one (sort of) if you're voting UKIP, and you believe in what they stand for, i don't personally, however, if that's what you truly believe then I can't get to vexed with that. Well not to much anyway, i do however think you're fully off your lips for believing the lie that 'immigrants' are to blame for the mess this country is in rather than 'the bankers'.

On the real, I’m struggling with the fact that people who want a world mirrored by the likes of The Green Party, TUSC etc are choosing to vote Labour, the party of war and selling out the people who built the party in the first place. Giving in to their own fear about 'the Tories getting back in'.

Labour aren't that much different to the Tories in practice, and definitely hugely removed from a vision of a society based on social justice for all. Their history in government demonstrates that. It's time for change, for the long term. It's time to put a rocket up the arse of the establishment, of which The Labour Party are now sadly part of after removing Clause IV:

The original version of Clause IV, drafted by Sidney Webb in November 1917 and adopted by the Labour party in 1918.

'To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service.'

I for one can't in good conscience vote for a party who readily disavowed their stated commitment to sharing and then took us into an illegal war which led to the death of over a million (and counting) innocent people.

Is your memory really that short? Are you really that frightened? Are you really that easily led?


In my opinion, we cannot keep mortgaging out the future of young people, and children, many of whom will be eligible to vote come the next election, simply because we're scared.

What exactly are you scared of? Really? What?

What happened to the thinkers with a positive vision? What happened to the believers? What happened to the people prepared to stand together, come what may, whatever the odds and say YES?

A resounding YES to a positive future for ALL, with a big dirty smile on our faces. If we stand tall we will not be beaten.


And the shit eating grin is ours. Forever.

The reality is, if there is a much larger bloc vote for The Greens and other parties who are rooted in social justice, believe in a better world, and are working tirelessly to achieve this, then this will signal to the 'main parties' that they have to shift their platform towards social justice, towards anti-austerity, and away from being in the pockets of the establishment press and their puppet masters in the Square Mile.

We can say no to corruption, fear, and hatred.

Do not get it twisted, your vote counts, if you vote with your heart. However, if we keep mortgaging out the future of the next generation then we've fallen asleep on the job. We have let those children down, we are cowards.

I for one will be standing at the side of love over fear come the election. I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with children and young people all across Britain and saying to them: "I won't stand by and leave this mess for you to sort out, i'm going to make a start on this shitpile now. Grab a shovel when you're ready".

Will you?

Vote love. FTDCH