WORDS: Kriss Quinn

Take from the poor and give to the rich; classic fucking Conservatism.


The people have spoken and and the misanthropic anti-Robin Hood himself, David Cameron, continues as Prime Minister of Great Britain only this time without the supposed restrictions of having a coalition partner in government. Regardless of the fact that the past four years have seen the coalition government somehow fuck up just as much as the previous Labour government that took part in an illegal war; with the nation falling just short of a double dip recession, decimation of the public sector and a rise in austerity (to name just a few of countless failings) the Conservatives were able to emerge victorious in the most important popularity contest in all of Britain.


And sadly, that's exactly what this election has been. Polls released in advance of the election suggested that this might be the tightest result in recent memory but in an age when public opinion is so largely swayed by the personality of a party's leader rather than said party's political standpoints (much like the way in which elections in the USA are won financially rather than on public consensus) that was never going to be the case. Labour were defeated from the moment they chose Ed Miliband to run as their leader over his far more talented brother, David. With the face of an Aardman character and the charismatic value of a bowl of dead fish, Ed was never going to gain the trust of the voting public regardless of how positive his message may or may not have been. The media pounced on his goofy vulnerability – quite converse to his brother's strong, commanding persona – making him look a fool to those with the intellectual capacity to buy a newspaper just because one of the pages has tits on it, but I digress.


Not 24 hours since the result was announced are we seeing plans for further cuts being revealed with The Independent reporting that the new all Tory government is looking to do away with a national scheme aimed at helping the disabled get into work in the name of so called economic growth. Let's take a step back here and recognise that the country lost out on a reported £34 billion in the last year due to unpaid corporate taxes. instead of making an effort to recoup those taxes and put an end to the ludicrous non-dom tax haven status enjoyed by many large corporate conglomerates the government have opted instead to continue with these villainous welfare cuts despite the fact that this has done NOTHING positive for the economy in the past four years.


In reality, those at the very top have little if any idea of what it is like to live a normal working class life and are completely ignorant of the effects these cuts have on those who don't live their lives in a protective bubble where money grows on trees and the sun shines out of your arse just because you're rich, irrespective of the fact that you're a complete and utter dick head. My dad was still actively searching for work up until the day he was taken to hospital on Boxing Day last year despite being largely incapacitated and being classed as 'disabled' by the government for almost twenty years. This was, of course, all thanks to the completely fucking inhumane Tory initiative to cut benefit allowance for the disabled – an initiative they were only allowed to implement once Murdoch and the rest of their right wing bum chums had managed to generate public hate for the fraudulent minority who were mass publicised in an effort to exaggerate manipulation of the system.


The government decided that given his mobility (which was incredibly limited and deteriorating rapidly) he was able to work for ONE hour a day from a chair. For some absolutely fucking incomprehensible reason they felt that this amount of work should be able to help him provide for himself and his family; my mam and his five children – one of whom had just turned 18 and another being a few years younger. In order to account for this foolproof money making idea they decided to not just lower his disability living allowance; they cut the bastard thing entirely. As a result, he was left with a personal income of £0 meaning that in order to make up for the loss in earnings he had to somehow find a job that paid at least £10 an hour, that would let him work for one hour a day, seven days a week even though his only qualification was his joinery apprenticeship.


Of course this didn't happen and he died on January 2nd due to complications arising from the ailments that had kept him out of work for so long with just 17p in his pocket. He was the hardest working, strongest principled and most kind hearted person I ever knew and you did that to him, you cunts.


Whether or not capitalism works (an argument I will leave for a different day) it doesn't even stand a chance of succeeding if you allow those with the most money to avoid giving back to the economy. It is outrageous that those with little or nothing are punished simply because those in power are afraid of or, as is so often the case, have personal connections to the wealthy minority and it should come as no surprise that class war is so rife in Britain right now. Further cuts of this nature are only useful for fucking the common folk even more so than they already have been. There will be unwarranted hardships arising from this that will lead to an increase in the depression, death and suicide rate over the next 5 years, I guarantee it.


The political landscape is at its bleakest and one can only hope that we see a dramatic turnaround from the left in the coming years, be it a return to form for the Labour Party or an unprecedented uprising from elsewhere, the latter of which somehow seems more likely. Public unrest and disenchantment with the political system are at an all time high yet the people are showing no indication of wanting to do anything about it on a grander scale. Instead of debating whether or not a certain Beetlejuice-haired comedian has the right ideals or even has the right to voice his opinions (hint: he does and so do all of you) perhaps it's high time that the majority of Britons stood up to this unjust treatment for if ever there was a time for public revolt this is it.


Fuck the Tories and fuck anyone who voted for them. I hope you reap the rewards of your actions; perhaps even find yourself unable to pay for the healthcare that you would have previously been able to afford but are now going to have to cough up absurd amounts of money for despite the fact that any half decent human would recognise healthcare as being a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. You horrible entitled little shits, fuck off.