REMAINERS: This is why we should all vote Green in the Euro elections.


WORDS: Gary Kelly

Given the U.K. now has to participate in the European parliamentary elections on May 23rd-26th as a condition of the Article 50 extension granted by the EU27, I shall be voting for The Green Party here in the North East of England. I think you should do to where you live.

I have supported The Labour Party on many things since Corbyn became leader and even joined the party to vote for him when spurious leadership challenges were launched against him from within. To my mind, Labour simply doesn’t have a coherence about it on the question of Europe. My personal feeling is that as it stands we need to stay in the EU, the economic disaster that awaits due to the very opposite of a managed withdrawal by the Tories means we need representation which has a coherent policy on Europe.

Labour’s policy seems to have been written by the same bloke who wrote the Hokey Cokey. The Green Party have a clear and coherent approach to Europe:

  • Second Referendum

  • Expose the people who broke the law before the first referendum

  • Heal the divisions with our EU neighbours brought about by Brexit

  • Remain

The above points are key for me, particularly exposing the people who lied and cheated their way through the campaign before the first referendum. We have seen a real bastardisation of democracy. For the longest time I very much took the position that “We need to respect the result of the referendum, democracy has spoken”. This changed when new evidence presented itself which clearly demonstrates that it is only on a loophole, the fact that the referendum was advisory only, meaning that the Electoral Commission does not have the power to void it and run it again. 

On that basis, our democracy has clearly been under attack, we need a second referendum to move forward and as part of that process the people responsible held accountable.

An important thing to note, European Parliamentary elections are ran on a Proportional Representation basis, meaning your vote does count if you vote Green. Real democracy in action.

In future I may vote differently on Europe, as I still believe the EU needs huge reform, the main threat now however is averting an economic disaster.

I think it would be good to have a strong showing for The Green Party across the country and demonstrate a clear will for Remain. Almost like a proxy second referendum.

In terms of National and local politics I shall be voting Labour. Their manifesto is truly transformative. They represent the best chance of ending austerity in a first past the post system. Austerity for me is the number 1 priority above all other issues and to do that we must get the Tories out of office. This only applies for me if Corbyn remains leader. All bets are off if he’s ousted.

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If we have say 2 years or more of a stable Labour government with a coherent exit plan, and during that time the EU has shown no signs of reform then I would have no hesitation in voting leave under those conditions.

Personally I don’t feel like we should vote like we are supporting a football team. Blind faith has no place in life, and most especially in politics. It is important to take a rational view when it comes to exercising our democratic right to vote. My personal opinion is that Labour is putting party concerns over the future health of our nation in terms of Europe and I’m not a fan of that. I would like to see a strong showing for The Green’s to keep them on their toes and not take our vote for granted. Also, particularly here in the North East, a strong showing for a Pro-Remain party would free Labour from the shackles of worry that they would be voted out as a form of protest for ‘betraying’ leave voters. 

In summary:

Euros: The Green Party

National and Locals: Labour (under Corbyn)

I’m interested in your reasoning in regards your voting strategy where you are in the country. Feel free to post in the comments on our Facebook page in terms of what you have decided to do.