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039|Milk the Cow Podcast|Gez Varley of LFO aka G-Man (Warp Records)- Exclusive Live Mix in Newcastle,UK

On this week’s podcast:

An exclusive live mix by Gez Varley aka G-Man of seminal rave/bleep techno pioneers LFO.

Gerrard "Gez" Varley is a British electronic musician and DJ, who was member of LFO during the 1990s and later released his solo works under the moniker G-Man.

Varley founded LFO in 1990 with Mark Bell, whom he had known since 1984. Their first release LFO was released by Warp Records in 1990 and reached the British single charts.

During the mid-1990s Varley focused on his solo productions. His debut album Kushti was released in 1996 as G-Man. In the same year Varley left LFO. He released on his own imprint G Records as well as on the German labels Studio K7 and Force Inc. Music Works.

In 1999 Varley moved to Wiesbaden, Germany.[1][2] In 2000 he founded the label GMR Records.

Varley and Bell met while studying at Leeds and gave their first track, the eponymous "LFO", to Nightmares on Wax. The popularity of the demo in clubs led to the track being released by the Sheffield-based Warp Records in 1990, and it was a Top 20 hit in the U.K., reaching number 12 in the singles charts in July.

Their follow-up single, "We Are Back", was released in the summer of 1991.

DJ Martin (Martin Williams) is credited as a cowriter and coproducer of the track "LFO" but was not a member of the group.[2] Mark Bell explains:

"We gave a tape of our recordings to DJ Martin who helped loads with arranging our tracks so it'd work on the dancefloor. We'd just been messing around with drum machines since we were like thirteen, tapping away at them like they were arcade games, making tapes to play our mates at school. Anyway, DJ Martin would play our cassettes in his sets and people would go mental - in a good way - cos they were totally raw."[3]

Later signed to Tommy Boy Records in the U.S., the duo remixed Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock", as well as songs from Björk, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Laurent Garnier, and The Sabres of Paradise.

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