090|Milk the Cow Podcast|Coquetfest live|The Roast of Choops+Tom Conway


A podcast special from our weekend long Cow collective effort at Coquetfest. If you like podcasts which feature total reprobates who have spent 2 days in a field getting ripped to the tits and then pulling the piss mercilessly out of people they love with all their hearts then this is for you. Big up to the happy couple Koops and Choc who are incredibly good sports and fine fine people.

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On this episode of the podcast, we discuss a variety of topics under the mental health umbrella via listener requests. We hope you or the people you love can take some solace from it. One love. FTDCH.X

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One love. FTDCH.


In the stone circle: Choc, Koops, Lee, Micky, Corrie, Shanley, Missi, Helen and Mike Cow.  

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