018 Milk the Cow Podcast|Jaiyah Saelua(Next Goal Wins)|Stewy Robz(Sod the Tories)

On this week’s episode: What ya been up tee?, Nigel Farage, What’s gannin on?, Sod the Tories, Immigration, What’s getting on ya tits?, Top 5, Triangles and much more.

Guests: Jaiyah Saelua, star of BIFA award winning documentary Next Goal Wins and the world’s first fa’afafine (transgender) World Cup/international footballer. Check out Next Goal Wins: http://nextgoalwinsmovie.com/   Twitter: @NGW_Movie  @jaiyahs

Stewy Robz, Check out Sod the Tories here: https://www.facebook.com/sodthetoriesandhaveaniceweek?fref=ts

Tracks: The Radgepackets, Stirling Void and Paris Brightledge, Kula Shaker, Bronski Beat,

Triangles: False flags