013 Milk the Cow Podcast|Buddy Wakefield|Hannah Rose Stewart|Kirsten Apples and Snakes

On this week’s podcast, which we’d like to dedicate to the new addition to the Townsend family:

What ya been up tee?, War of the Worlds, What’s gannin on?, Apples and Snakes, The bonfire of the pasties, Art and it’s place in the social justice movement, The direction of the community, The return of Mickeys lungbutter issues, Triangles, The Cow Christmas appeal and much more.  

Guests: Buddy Wakefield, Hannah Rose Stewart, Kirsten Apples and Snakes.

Triangles: Bohemian Grove

Tracks from: Jeff Wayne, Ecstasy Club, Alabama Shakes, Buddy Wakefield, Josh Martinez and McEnroe.