004 Milk the Cow Podcast

On this weeks Milk the Cow we talk about Mickeys Dog, Sage Francis, The Angry Brigade, Camino de Santiago, We have a live call from Hong Kong regarding the peaceful protest movement there witht the Cow crews ‘man on the ground’ Craig Lopez, The sexualisation of children, Sprituality, Unity, Peace, Screenage KICKS, Pop video sluts, Emma Watson Brasil, Feminism, icloud hacking, female artists in Hip Hop, The French, Know your Enemy, Syria, Iraq, ISIS, The everyday struggle.

With tracks from: Sage Francis, The Prodigy, Nirvana and Aphex Twin.

Saviles Corner and Fantasy Football will return on next weeks episode and the link for this episode will be online for you to hear in a couple of hours (approx 5-6pm).

One love, we hope you enjoy it.