Some daze

Words: Jamie Doddsgriffin

There were some days, I thought I felt, A moment of welcome bliss, High with friends, Exploring life, With a bag of cannabis.

There were some months, lost in time, Where there seemed to be some joy, From late night pills, And booze and mates, And drink and drink some more.

There were some years, And happy times, were searching for the buzz, And once your there not coming down, And living in the fuzz.

But all those days, months and years, Were running from the truth, That inside there lived still, A broken and hurt youth, Who needed hugs and needed love, And a chance to tell the truth.

Finally heard and loved and cared, By the adult that is you, Escaping bars of prison walls, Taking the gaoler too, Time to heal, time to feel, And create a pattern new.